1. The Essential U.G.:

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The Essential UG] setup by Dr. Raj Mehta


2. Streaming Videos and Audio Tapes of U.G.'s Conversations:


You can watch all streaming videos of U.G., including some recent additions, as well as some streaming audio tapes, by following links on this page:

Links to Streaming Videos and Audio Tapes of U.G.'s Conversations

3. GET LOST AND STAY LOST -- ON THE ROAD WITH UG KRISHNAMURTI: By Julie Thayer. On line publication: http://www.travelswithug.com. 2010.

4.  U.G. Archives:

A copy each of all U.G.'s books, reviews and interviews in the English language, as well as tapes of his radio and television interviews, also in English, [listed under "Books, Interviews, and Refernces" page below], has been placed in the Department of Special Collections of Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara, and is open to the general public for on-site reading, listening, and/or viewing. A second copy is being placed in the National Archives of the Government of India in New Delhi.

 5.  Sabyasachi Guha has been active publishing his books on UG.  Two have already been published: 1) GUHA TALKS WITH THE MOTHER OF GOD (Published by Epigraph Books, Rhinebeck, NY, 2012) and 2) ANSONIA CHATTER, No publisher.  Printed in Switzerland. 2012.  The first of these books and other materials can be downloaded from his website: www.guhasabyasachi.com

6.  GONER: THE FINAL TRAVELS OF UG KRISHNAMURTI: By Louis Brawley. Published by Non-Duality Press, Salisbury, U.K. 2011.  Information about the book can be found at: http://louisbrawley.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/a-blog-about-the-book-called-goner-the-final-travels-of-ug-krishnamurti/ A sample this book can be downloaded from: